You know how we often say to each other as encouragement that one day we will look back at the giants we face today, and smile because we slayed them? That is how I feel about this post today.

One thing I want you to NEVER forget after you read this post is this:  “GOD IS FAITHFUL”
He truly is. You know, all those years, all those months I would be sure that the last period I saw was the last (when I was trying to conceive, read the story here if you missed it) and then like clockwork, my monthly period would come and I would be so sad, wondering if I would ever have children.
As I think about those days now, I smile. How could I have ever doubted His faithfulness? But I sometimes did.
I’ll be honest, there were days I felt like I had no business going through all I did trying to have children. There was the HSG which has got to be one of my most painful experiences, before labor pangs. I wondered why. Why was I going through this? Why me, out of all the women in the universe?

There were the times when I would be sure the early arrival of a period was implantation spotting and watch with dismay as the spotting turned to full bleeding. There were those nights when sex was merely a means to an end and sex with my husband seemed like a chore. So, yes, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t always strong. There were nights I lay in bed thinking hard about if I would ever have children. But, now, sitting and looking back, I realize He is faithful and He was with me all along.
I told you about the twins here. Now let me tell you all that’s happened since I had the twins. 


We were immensely grateful to have two children and were literally done with childbearing. While pregnant, we had decided that whatever the sex of the twins, we were good – two boys, two girls, a boy and a girl – and we were done. And so we moved on with our lives. From being man and wife, we suddenly grew to a family of four. There were double doses of everything, and we had our hands full and we were happy.
The twins were barely two years, when I missed my period! I felt it was impossible for me to be pregnant after all those issues with infertility so while I didn’t throw caution to the wind, I felt it was near impossible for me to conceive a child again. I wasn’t trying to conceive, and I wasn’t trying to not conceive either. I was pregnant, again. Three children were more than we ever dreamed. She was an adorable girl. She was as fierce as they can get and very assertive since she had twin siblings before her. Watching them grow was a delight. We named her Clarissa-Jayne. Exactly a day after her fourth birthday, her baby sister Lisa-Jodi arrived! Prior to her conception, I had been careful, monitored my cycle etc. and had been doing a good job at it for four years (thank you very much 🙂 ) but somehow, I got pregnant! At that point, we knew that the tables had turned. We felt like we were in a dream. What was impossible was truly possible. Without doubt.
So, now we are a large family of six. Six seats on a plane, six seats in a restaurant, six of everything. Six! I never saw my family this way till I typed it. Six. That’s a large number for a woman who was told she would never have babies on her own.


I look at those babies and the memory of when I desired them, when I prayed about them, when I lay awake in the night wondering if they would ever come to our home, all those memories are like a blur. They almost feel like I never walked on that street. But I didn’t just walk on that street, I lived there. They were a huge challenge at the time.

Can you listen to me for a minute?
Will you believe me when I tell you boldly that GOD IS FAITHFUL.
Our situations may not be similar; maybe your giant is a huge pile of debt, or a failing marriage, or a truant child, or a wayward child who is unapologetic, or a child who is hooked on drugs, or even a disease described by doctors as terminal.

You came upon this page today because God wants me to remind you that HE IS FAITHFUL.
He is not sitting in the corner of a room, on the floor, wringing his hands wondering how to get you out of the mess you find yourself in. Find hope in the situation you are in. Know that He is and that you have all you need to get you out of your situation.
Do you find yourself asking the “why me?” questions? Why do I have to deal with a love-less marriage? Why do I have to deal with all this turmoil? Why do I have to deal with a spouse hooked on porn? Why are my children who I provided so much for acting this way? Why… why… why?

Say that to yourself over and over. Remind yourself He is faithful. He has provided a way out for you. Be confident knowing that one day if you hold on to His word and don’t give up, I guarantee you will look back at where you are and rejoice at how you got out, how you triumphed through it, and then you too will be able to tell anyone who asks you how that, “GOD IS FAITHFUL.”

God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it – 1 Corinthians 10:13b