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Recently, I had a very sobering experience. A friend I worked with had acted in an uncharacteristic manner. To clear the tension, I thought to speak with her about it


In the past couple of weeks, more than ever, the Holy Spirit spoke to me many times about – BURN OUTS! You see, the weeks leading up to this month


Watching children interact with themselves is very interesting. Schools have been out for the Easter holidays and I have listened to some very interesting conversations. As we’ve gone through school

Whose voice?

I have had this song by Moses Bliss playing in my head since yesterday. I woke up with it playing… I played it on my way to work. It has

Don’t stop till you finish

My post, struck a chord for a lot of people (including me) and there were some  questions. Some of those questions were: How do I make sure it is really

Devoid of the void

I took a  peek at one of my social media platforms today. I haven’t been online in a bit and a quick glance at the “trending stories” showed someone had

New Year – Same You?

Happy New Year!!!! I was one of those who waited excitedly for this Year. A lot happened last year, I was truly glad when the clock chimed midnight on 1st

Sleep routines

In the next couple of posts, I will be sharing some routines that we started as a family, which helped us maintain order and sort of put our family on

Family routines

Being a planner by nature, routines helped me plan for my growing family. They helped me when we had sleep overs and I  had more mouths to feed or more