In whatever place you find yourself today, you can choose: – to be happy or sad… – to be worried to trust… – to complain or be grateful… – to


She sat across from me and fiddled with her braids. I looked at her. Impatiently waiting for her to talk. This was our monthly girls evening out and I could

Turn off the noise

Oh! The pressure! The voices clamoring for your attention… What about this? What about that Whatchu gonna do about this? Whatchu gonna do about that?!!! Turn it off. I


Recently, I had a very sobering experience. A friend I worked with had acted in an uncharacteristic manner. To clear the tension, I thought to speak with her about it


In the past couple of weeks, more than ever, the Holy Spirit spoke to me many times about – BURN OUTS! You see, the weeks leading up to this month


Watching children interact with themselves is very interesting. Schools have been out for the Easter holidays and I have listened to some very interesting conversations. As we’ve gone through school

Whose voice?

I have had this song by Moses Bliss playing in my head since yesterday. I woke up with it playing… I played it on my way to work. It has

Don’t stop till you finish

My post, struck a chord for a lot of people (including me) and there were some  questions. Some of those questions were: How do I make sure it is really

Devoid of the void

I took a  peek at one of my social media platforms today. I haven’t been online in a bit and a quick glance at the “trending stories” showed someone had