Devoid of the void

I took a  peek at one of my social media platforms today. I haven’t been online in a bit and a quick glance at the “trending stories” showed someone had

New Year – Same You?

Happy New Year!!!! I was one of those who waited excitedly for this Year. A lot happened last year, I was truly glad when the clock chimed midnight on 1st

Sleep routines

In the next couple of posts, I will be sharing some routines that we started as a family, which helped us maintain order and sort of put our family on

Family routines

Being a planner by nature, routines helped me plan for my growing family. They helped me when we had sleep overs and I  had more mouths to feed or more

Turn on the light

The other day I sent my son to grab my purse from my room. The lights were off and he groped around the room for a bit then after some

Commend, Recommend & Commend

I am a Toastmaster. In Toastmasters, there’s a catchphrase we use when evaluating someone’s speech: “Commend, Recommend & Commend.” Simply put, this means that while providing constructive criticism, it’s best

full disclosure

Full disclosure… Before marriage. To disclose or not to disclose? The man who can’t have an erection as a result of an accident or a birth defect? The woman with

Ignoring the signs

I have been married a couple of years. Over the years, I have quietly observed as behavior my husband exhibited while he courted me have become magnified. Take for example


Driving along the highway some days ago, some people walking by the side of the road got my attention. Their location on the highway and the unusual movements they made